Simulado 2 Concurso Professor De Inglês

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Simulado 2 Concurso Professor De Inglês

1.Reed the text Below and aswer questions 1 to 3
Visualize a sunset. Sip warm water. Offer a compliment. Develop a taste for fish. These are the keys to inner peace – and
commercial success. Paul Wilson?s „?The Little Book of Calm??, which offers stressed out readers tips for easing their nerves, has
sold 450,000 copies since its publication in Britain last year. Next year Penguin hopes for similar success with Wilson?s sequel,
“Calms at Work „?. Unfortunately, this cheap and convenient (three inches by four inches) therapy doesn?t work for everyone. One
reviewer described Wilson?s work as “a potpourri of pseudo-Buddhist one hand-clapping with a dash of wholefood dietary advice
and a spot of cracker-barrel kung-fu wisdom.” Definitely an uncalm thought.
“The Little Book of Calm” will undoubtedly be read by:
a) Kung-fu Fighters
b) Buddhist followers
c) Stressed-out people
d) Professional therapists

2.Next year Penguin is planning to:
a) Publish a similar book by the same author
b) Publish other books on the same topic
c) Translate the book into other languages
d) Sell another 450,000 copies of the book

3.The statement which is not likely to appear in Paul Wilson?s book is:
a) Fit as much as possible into your day
b) Eat healthy food as much as possible
c) When you are tense, go somewhere quiet
d) Recall beautiful moments often, talking pleasure in them

No new ( I ) ____ good news.
The Brazilian people ( II ) ____ very friends
Your catte (III) _____ there.

4.Assinale a alternativa que corretamente preencha as lacunas I, II e III das frases acima.
a) I. is / II. are / III. Are
b) I. are / II. Is / III. Is
c) I. are / II. Is / II. are
d) I. are / II. Are / III. A

5.Reed the text Below and aswer questions 5 to 8
A friend was telling me about her divorce, a painful separation. Her husband had fallen in love with a younger woman at work,
and suddenly announced he was leaving to live with the other woman. Months of bitter wrangling over house, money, and custody
of the children followed. Now, some months later, she was saying that her independence was appealing to her, that she was
happy to be on her own. “I just don?t think about him anymore”, she said. But as she said it, her eyes welled up with tears.That
moment of teary eyes could easily pass unnoted. But the emphatic understanding that someone?s watering eyes means she is
sad despite her worlds to the contrary is an act of comprehending just as surely as is distilling meaning from worlds on a printed
page. One is an act of the emotional mind, the other of the rational mind. In a very real sense we have two minds, one that thinks
and one that feels.

The sentence which best explains the reason why the woman cried is:
a) She hated her husband?s new wife
b) She lost the custody of her children
c) She was unhappy to be on her own
d) She allowed her emotional mind to surface

6.According to lines 3 to 6, the word that best describes how the woman was felling some months after her divorce is:
a) Sad
b) Well
c) Emotional
d) Distressed

7.The separation process described in lines 5 to 6 in seen as:
a) A peaceful event
b) An unstressful event
c) Something expected
d) A stressful and lasting process

8.Read the following definition of the rational mind.
“The rational mind is the mode ____comprehension we are typically conscious ___ : more prominent in awareness, thoughtful,
able to ponder and reflect.”
The only preposition which can complex both spaces is:
a) in
b) at
c) of
d) on
9.Assinale a alternativa que preencha as lacunas no diálogo abaixo.

______ Hello, we ____ all here today?
_____ No, Who _____ Missing?

a) Are / am
b) Is / am
c) Are / is
d) Are / are

10.Qual é a resposta correta para:

What are you?

a) I?m is
b) I?m Jane Walker
c) I?m an artist
d) I, m intelligent


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