Simulado 12 Concurso Professor De Inglês

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Simulado 12 Concurso Professor De Inglês

1.Less work more play

When we enjoy recreation, our time is combined with goods
and services such as sporting equipment or admission fees.
Thus, variations in the price of products used for leisure might
change their consumption levels and alter the amount of time
devoted to enjoying recreation. Given the importance of
recreation in our time budgets, the amount of time allocated to
other activities such as work could also be affected.In a study
appearing in the July 2007 issue of the Journal of Labor
Economics, Jorge Gonzales-Chapela (Universidad de
Alicante, Spain) combines individual-level data in the United
States with metropolitan price indices to better understand
how changes in the price of recreation goods can influence the
labor/leisure balance.
Gonzales-Chapela finds that for every 1 percent increase in
the price of recreation goods men between the ages of 25 and
54 who work full-time will work an extra 3.2 hours a year. Men
in this age range devote an average of 3.7 hours per day to
“socializing, relaxing, and leisure” – their third most timeconsuming
daily activity – meaning that even a 1 percent rise in
the price of recreation translates into the loss of one day’s
worth of leisure per year.
“Since the relative price of recreation goods dropped, for
instance, in the United States by about 15 percent between
1976 and 1981, if this price change could be considered as
anticipated, a prime-age man would have lowered – on
average – his market time by some 48 annual hours between
1976 and 1981 solely because of incentives created by
variations in the price of recreation goods,” explains
Gonzales-Chapela. These findings suggest a new
explanation for the different patterns of work and leisure
observed in the U.S. and Europe since the 1970s. Should the
behavioral response found in this study using U.S. data be
similar in European countries, the price of recreation goods
would contribute towards explaining the increase in the market
hours gap between the U.S. and Europe

According to the text, the relation between leisure and
A) is fundamental to understand modern life;
B) is determined by how much time you work;
C) is an intrinsically linked one;
D) is determined by how much time people devote to going
E) is the key to the understanding of global economy.

2.After reading the text we may understand that the price of
goods in the U.S. …
A) will always make people work less;
B) will cause a gap in the market hours between the U.S and
C) will affect how much time Americans spend at work;
D) will continue to drop endlessly;
E) will bring new perspectives to the U.S.
3. In the article, Gonzales thinks that if the price of recreation
goods increased men…
A) would work less;
B) would work more;
C) would have more time for leisure;
D) would have a better attitude towards life;
E) would work to decrease the prices of recreation goods.
4.Without altering the meaning of the sentence, the word
Thus, in the second sentence of the first paragraph, could be
replace by…
A) however;
B) besides;
C) unless;
D) so;
E) despite.

Choose the best alternative.

5.The police…having …of trouble trying to find his
A) is / lots;
B) are / a lot;
C) is / much;
D) is / a lot;
E) are / many.
6.Mr. President believes he…do everything he…to keep his
campaign promises.
A) can / should;
B) might / can;
C) must / could;
D) must / can;
E) might / must.

7.Everything is so uncertain, there’s a little chance
A) should / out;
B) might / out;
C) will / off;
D) shall / up;
E) might / off.
8.He’s supposed to show… … Marcia’s…8 or so.
A) down / in / at;
B) off / in / on;
C) up / at / around;
D) down / on / at;
E) up / at / in.

9.At this time of the year the kids are…going on vacation.
A) looking at;
B) looking to;
C) looking for;
D) looking forward to;
E) looking into.
10. The teacher would have taken a different attitude…
A) if the students were more reasonable;
B) if the students have been more reasonable;
C) if the students would be more reasonable;
D) if the students had been more reasonable;
E) if the students are more reasonable.


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